Horse Photos


Born: 2003

Breed: Quarter Horse

Cappuccino is a 14-year-old buckskin gelding donated by a generous and faithful supporter.  This “golden boy” has the winning personality to make friends with a variety of students and volunteers who come to MANE throughout the year. Cappy has an easy-going mindset that matches his smooth trot.


Born: 2007

Breed: Quarter Horse/Paint Horse

Josie, often referred to as the “debutante”, had quite the career before coming to MANE! Born in 2007, this red roan Quarter Horse strutted her stuff all over the East Coast in AQHA amateur showmanship, english, and western classes. She is now highly sought after in lessons for her easy walk, smooth jog, and flawless canter transitions.


Born: 1995

Breed: Miniature Horse


Whinnie is a chocolate palomino miniature horse. As a tenacious ambassador, Whinnie has introduced and promoted MANE’s equine-assisted program to thousands of children across the River Region. Though too small to be ridden, she is the perfect travel size.  MANE’s little mascot loves to be the center of attention at schools, special events, libraries, parks, and parades as well as in the barn.


Born: 1996

Breed: Paint Pony

Baba is like an Oreo – black and white, round, and sweet. He had a successful career as a show pony in the hunter ring before his life began at MANE. He enjoys teaching some of the youngest MANE riders. His long, smooth stride is a huge confidence booster! Baba’s kind heart is not easily forgotten, even by riders who have long outgrown his size.


Born: 1996

Breed: Thoroughbred

Illion, the tall, dark and handsome bay Thoroughbred, was a great competitor in the Hunter/Jumper ring before coming to MANE. His kind and gentle demeanor, has helped to carry riders of all ability levels to the next level. Illion teaches adult students how to ride with greater sophistication.  Intermediate to advanced students learn to post to his animated trot and enjoy his smooth canter.


Born: 1997

Breed: Arabian Miniature Cross

Spirit is such an integral part of MANE. Known as the energizer bunny, he has been teaching children to ride for over 10 years. Trotting is his favorite thing to do, especially when there are games involved. He loves to help promote independence in the ring so his riders can graduate to greater challenges.


Born: 2000

Breed: Quarter Horse


Dixie is a refined bay mare who has charmed her way into thousands of hearts. She worked as a lesson horse before becoming a member of MANE’s herd.  Her dressage training has helped Dixie teach MANE students how to use their aids properly. She has a unique disposition and works hard to please everyone under saddle.



Born: 2002

Breed: Haflinger

Channing Tatum is a handsome Haflinger gelding who charms all MANE participants! Not only does he have a kind and patient disposition, but his short and sturdy build makes him an ideal mount for adult students who need support from sidewalkers.


Born: 2003

Breed: Quarter Horse/Paint Horse

Nutty is a gorgeous buckskin paint and the “Steady Eddy” of MANE. Staff, volunteers, and riders alike value her calming nature and gentle spirit.  Before joining the MANE program, Nutty was a rodeo queen, who excelled at team roping and goat tying.  She earned many youth rodeo championships across the Southeast.


Born: 2009

Breed: Gypsy Vanner

Swoopes is a black and white paint Gypsy Vanner who was acquired by MANE through a Facebook contest in 2016. MANE won Swoopes through daily Facebook votes by committed supporters, volunteers, and students. Lexlin Gypsy Ranch imported her from the United Kingdom. This traveler has been welcomed with open arms by the MANE family, and continues to delight in her new home!


Born: 2005

Breed: Haflinger

Puddin’ is a spunky little Haflinger mare who is just as sweet as her name. She tends to greet MANE riders and volunteers with a soft whinny.  Haflingers give comforting sensory feedback with their active walk, which is why they are considered well suited for therapeutic riding programs. Puddin’s looks may attract attention, but her personality wins hearts!


Born: 2004

Breed: Paint Horse

Olive is a bay paint mare who came to MANE after retiring from foxhunting. Although she is used to running open fields and jumping any obstacle in her way, Olive is gentle and willing to serve. She intuitively helps her students improve and become more independent riders.


Born: 2011

Breed: American Mustang

Sonora, a Mustang born on the open plains of Wyoming, learned how to survive in the wild in her early years.  She was tamed and trained by Taylor McIntosh. Her outstanding performance at the “2016 Mustang Makeover Challenge” caught the attention of a generous MANE supporter. MANE staff, students, and volunteers admire her kind eye, intelligence, and devotion.


Born: 2010

Breed: Quarter Horse Pony

Sugar is a black pony mare that is even sweeter than her name! At only 13.2 hands tall Sugar will be working with some of the youngest students in the program. She loves riding on the Sensory Integration Trail, so look for Sugar playing games with her beloved young riders!

Half Pint

Born: 2001

Breed: Quarter Horse

Half-Pint is a chestnut Quarter Horse cross that takes life in the slow lane. With such a calm demeanor and steady gaits, Half Pint will be a great asset for any therapeutic lesson at MANE!