MANE’s special equine partners go through rigorous testing before being accepted into the program. All horse go through a 3 month trail period where staff evaluation brains, manner, and movement. The staff chooses horses Who think instead of flee, work positively with a variety of handlers, and have gaits that benefit the different riders in the program.

Only special horses make the cut; only 1 out  of 10 horses that come on trail stay with the program. Horses are continuously monitored as they work the program and retired when necessary. MANE retires horse to good homes and is always looking for someone to house our special retirees. Horse are retired due to age, health, and attitude issues.

The staff ensure that these equine partners give their all to therapeutic riding and we trust them with our rider’s lives.


Horses must meet the following criteria to be considered for donation:

  • be between the ages of 8-16 and be between 14-16 hands high.
  • have a current negative Coggins report, vaccines, and deworming.
  • be tolerant, calm, and even-tempered enough that you could safely lead a two year-old child on the horse around  an enclosed arena.
  • must not be gaited, and must be serviceably sound  at walk, trot, and canter.
  • must not have insulin resistance, Cushing’s disease, chronic founder, navicular disease, visual impairment, or severe ring bone.  Horses with these conditions or those requiring expensive or high maintenance regimes to remain healthy and sound are not suitable candidates for our program.
  • be an appropriate complement to the current and predicted needs of the program with regards to the rest of the herds: size, abilities, ages, and otherwise determined by evaluators.


Horses meeting the above criteria may be scheduled for Pre-Acceptance Testing and then a 90 day on-site Trail Period. Call 213-0909 and ask for the Equine Director, Chandalyn Chrzanowski or email at


Considered questions for prospective horses

Retirement Policy