The Program


Our goal at Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians is to provide a safe and effective experience for our participants, volunteers, horses, and staff. With this in mind, we ask your cooperation in adhering to the following requirements.

  1. Lesson slots are offered as a first come, first served, basis. The sooner MANE receives paperwork and payment the easier it is to save your preferred time slot. Lesson spots cannot be guaranteed and are based upon instructor and horse availability.
  2. Once a student is accepted, on-going evaluations will determine if riding therapy continues to be beneficial to the rider and the horses, volunteers, and staff are able to safely and effectively accommodate the student.
  3. Properly fitted, ASTM/SEI approved helmets for horseback riding must be worn at all times when riding or working directly with horses.
  4. Participants must be dressed in appropriate riding attire.
  5. MANE reserves the right to cancel classes as outlined in our Cancellation Policy. If you are unable to come to a lesson, please call MANE as soon as possible. Advance notice is very important to ensure proper care of the horses and proper use of our volunteers.
  6. Riders must be over the age of four.
  7. All riders must participate in an assessment before class scheduling can be done.
  8. Class availability is based on class type, rider ability, size of the class, horse availability and volunteer availability.
  9. Riders must have no contraindications for therapeutic riding and must have doctor approval.

For further guidelines, please refer to the participant’s handbook in the Applications section below.


MANE has three ten-week session which include the Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions. Each class slot is about forty-five minutes and can include grooming and tacking and other ground components as well as time in the saddle. Depending on the student’s ability, volunteer leaders and sidewalkers are assigned to each class. Riders are grouped together based on similar abilities. Group lessons are $300 and requested private lessons are $500.



Participant Application May 2017

Rider Scholarship Application

Rider Handbook 3-2015 (1)