Cognitive Therapeutic Riding

Cognition refers to the many processes of the mind, including planning, judgment, memory, orientation, concepts, attention, and ability to attend and express language. Riders participating in the Cognitive oriented classes are often individuals who may experience difficulty in any one or more of the aforementioned areas. These classes use horses and activities on horseback to help improve cognitive skills.

Riding Requirements

Independent sitting, balance, reasonable age-appropriate behavior, ambulation with or without assistance.

Benefits Include

Development of riding skills, increased fitness, coordination, balance, focus, problem solving skills, increased ability to set goals, and sense of accomplishment as independence is acquired.


  • Increase balance coordination
  • Increase verbalization
  • Encourage appropriate social interactions
  • Increase sequencing/judgment skills
  • Increase direction/request following
  • Increase confidence/self esteem
  • Increase interaction with others
  • Increase attention span
  • Encourage early learning skills – i.e. cause and effect, matching, identifying, turn taking, shapes/colors

Please check carefully and include the following with your registration: (Registration is on a first come first served basis only).

  • Participants Application
  • Liability Release
  • MANE Physicians Statement
  • Check (made payable to MANE) for $300
  • Mane will not turn down riders due to financial difficulty.  Riders can apply for scholarships if needed.